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Welcome to XE2

We provide communication, message platform and data management services for businesses. This includes Exchange email, CRM, Archive solutions, and Mobile device supply and management.

Our model is simple. Our clients rely on us to be their service provider for specialist applications around email and communications. We solve our clients problems, working closely with them, seamlessly and unobtrusively.

We specialise in;
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft CRM and SharePoint
Symantec on premise and hosted products and services
Mobile device supply and management
XE2 Mobility software solutions for enterprises – our own software development for enterprise applications

Since 2004, we have built our business on our reputation for great service. XE2 works directly with businesses in Europe, North America and beyond, and we are a services partner for NTT Europe and Interoute. We opened our US office in 2013 to serve our growing North American client base.

XE2 manages hundreds of thousands of messages each day for our clients, and in many cases we deliver their whole communications solution, with managed Exchange and managed Mobile devices and airtime contracts.

XE2 Professional Services are there to help our clients with any issue, from managing a complex data migration to a new Archiving solution, to delivering shared access to in-network resources by an Enterprise’s field teams. Our patented XE2 Mobility software platform solves the problem of giving field teams secure access to shared calendars, and much, much more.

 If you would like to know more about XE2 services, or if you are looking for a best in class service provider, contact us.


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