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How It's Delivered

    How it's delivered

    We offer two different choices for how we run our service for you – hosted or on-premise.

    With a hosted service, the infrastructure (hardware and software) will be located at NTT Europe's data centre, and managed by us.

    With an on-premise service, you host the infrastructure, and we will manage the application remotely.

    We are happy to discuss your requirements in detail, and provide you with the solution that suits your business best.

    Cost of ownership

    When considering the pros and cons of outsourcing, you’ll need to think about the ‘total cost of ownership’. This is also known as the ‘total cost of operation’.

    This method of assessment covers the up-front cost of purchasing hardware and software, but also all the other aspects of further use and maintenance. For example, you should consider issues such as staff training and staff support. These can be significant when your business reaches a certain size.

    But that’s not all. There are also issues such as the business cost of service failures, and perhaps even the complete loss of data. That’s why we include disaster recovery as part of our service package to every customer.

    Of course, there’s the cost of depreciation and upgrades. And the cost of disposal too.

    We’ve included a cost of ownership calculator here. It’ll give you an appreciation of how costs can mount up.

    That’s why IT outsourcing is becoming more attractive to many small and medium-sized businesses. It could make sense for your business too.

    On Premise

    An on-premise service is the right option for you if your business already has enterprise-class data centre facilities, a significant investment in IT and skilled staff trained on Microsoft products.

    This option requires investment in IT hardware, networking equipment, system software, staff recruitment, training and salaries, and IT service management processes.

    Hosting and Managed

    A hosted service is the right option for you if you do not have existing investments, sufficient in-house IT skills for Microsoft products, or access to a high-quality data centre.

    This option requires no capital investment, so it may be the best choice if you prefer to make investments only as an operational expense, as and when required.

    We also offer our 100% 'application available' guarantee with our hosted service.


    If you want to add a high quality, cost effective business grade email service with associated messaging to your service portfolio, then our reseller program offers you an excellent solution.

    Take advantage of our investment in the latest technology in addition to the latest mobile push service and equipment – incorporating the best of Microsoft, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry products.

    By becoming an XE2 Reseller, you can generate additional recurring revenue at a substantial profit margin. We provide you with comprehensive training, marketing materials and access to a dedicated support team. This helps you to achieve a high level of service and support to your customers.

    We do not require set-up fees, financial investment, hardware or software.

    Summary of benefits and features

    no fees to join
    no minimum number of accounts
    set your own retail price
    short sales cycle
    recurring revenue
    no set-up fees
    easy client management through your own branded integrated control portal
    around-the-clock technical support

    Benefits to your Business

    There are many benefits to users of outsourced IT. You’ll be aware of some of them, but we have included a full checklist here.

    A total package

    We don’t just give you the minimum that we think is practical for your business. We give all our customers a very comprehensive bundle of services and products.

    All the necessary hardware and software is included as a managed service – either hosted at our partner NTT ’s data centre, or on your own premises.

    We also include:

    installation, deployment and training
    fully integrated product suite (email, mobile, archiving, CRM, SharePoint, Symantec.cloud and XE2 Mobility)
    bespoke provisioning portal
    customer service support
    24/7 technical support
    daily incremental backup
    weekly full backup
    Anti virus/anti spam software
    disaster recovery
    our 100% 'application available' guarantee
    If it’s appropriate, we’ve got the capability to provide you with consultancy support too. We are all IT experts. If you need a bespoke solution, we can help you.

    Cost of ownership

    Operating an outsourced IT policy is very cost effective. It’s becoming more and more acceptable to businesses, given the quality and reliability of today’s software services.


    Improved communications

    Today, efficient communication is a business-critical issue. How you communicate within the business, and with your clients, is core to how your company functions. Remember life before the internet or email? That’s how important these working tools have become.

    Mobile email has followed the same path. Now, you can contact your staff when they are out of the office. They can receive all their emails, access CRM and other data too.

    We know that other software, such as Microsoft’s latest version of their CRM and SharePoint software, add huge value to global collaboration. They represent a highly efficient way of contacting and sharing information with other staff, clients and suppliers. They are tried and tested products of the highest quality, and they are available now.

    Companies that adopt these software services will gain business advantage over others that don’t. If you don’t believe us, take a look at some of our case studies.

    Affordable Agreements

    We offer a highly competitive set of Agreements that cover different services. They are not the cheapest on the market, but we are not in the business of offering basic services that cut corners to reduce costs. Your business is worth much more than that.

    We think that our costs are highly affordable and cost effective, in addition to adding real value to your business – increasing efficiency, peace of mind and flexibility.

    Basically, our services are similar to buying a mobile phone. There’s an Agreement that details our service and your responsibilities and the period can be as short or as long as you wish. We will agree a monthly cost per user that reflects the service that you require.

    There are no other hidden costs, such as set up costs, internet access, anti virus or anti spam software, software upgrades, or monthly maintenance.

    We’re ready to discuss the options with you. There are a number that are designed to meet different business needs, but with a granular product list, we can meet any requirements.

    Please give us a call to discuss things further.


    We’ve included this point, as so many customers initially have varying levels of concern about placing their business data with an external source. It’s a big step to take, and we understand that.

    We operate to the highest standards of accreditation in terms of security, data archiving compliance and backup services. Our data centre is operated by NTT Europe, to the highest level of both physical and virtual security (Tier 1). It has a backup generator-based power supply that is uninterruptible.

    NTT also provide us with financial strength, which means that we are as secure as any software service provider in the market today – and, it has to be said, far more secure than the majority.