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Our Customers

    Our Customers

    We have over 20 years of professional service in designing, integrating and developing business IT services, specifically in the messaging sector. Our projects have included building and managing large-scale messaging and collaboration platforms for both hosted and on-premise environments, and with the addition of BlackBerry applications, this service is now literally 'in your hands'.

    Our customers benefit from reduced CAPEX, a positive IT experience and increased productivity for workers and IT staff, but the most important benefit, is the knowledge that they do not have to worry about their email service. No Fuss .... No Worries. Costs are scaled on a per user per month basis which matches your staffing levels and eliminates overspend. IT housekeeping is kept to a minimum, permitting your IT department to concentrate on business development and client relationship projects.

    Take a look at some of our case studies and the market sectors in which we have developed special expertise.

    Legal and Financial

    Law Practices

    De facto

    Hosted services can ensure up to date IT initiatives that support your growing technical complexities, empower your lawyers, retain clients and compete with larger law firms without incurring the overhead, hassle or large costs.


    XE2 has developed Legal and Financial sector compliant Hosted Archiving solutions that reduce costs of storage and improve retrieval time. Repeated storage of mass mailings are a thing of the past, saving time and storage space. Archival policies can be deployed to keep files compliant with legislation. find out more >>

    Data Security

    Compliance added to your archival package enables recording of all emails, copies of attachments even when deleted from the desktop; auditing of access rights, and ensuring files are tamper proof. Data Backup is standard.


    Share cases to view, edit and control content; store and backup information and ensure everyone is 'on the same page' wherever they are accessing geographically. Secured by setting permissions and individual workstation parameters. find out more >>

    Financial and Investment Agencies

    Project Management

    Instant communication enables informed property and investment decisions with Quantity Surveyors, landlords or facilities management and instant access to Capital Markets, contractual agreements or legislation.

    Value Above Expectations

    Hosted solutions in a highly competitive market increases project productivity, increases visibility of resources and therefore the potential to increase revenue. Keep yourself in the loop.

    Beyond Bare Bricks and Mortar

    Tailoring services to your clients needs is the basic building block of your business. XE2 have a proven track record to provide tailor-made resources cost-effectively. In tough times, our solutions not only help you, but also your clients. find out cost savings >>

    IT Support

    Are you looking for an IT Partner? Do you need a second line of support and need to reduce costs?

    XE2 has a tailored Reseller solution supported by a robust platform for hosted email, SharePoint, CRM, Hosted BlackBerry through BES + BESX, Xe2 Mobility and Hosted Symantec.cloud, which you can add to your portfolio.

    We offer white-labelled portals, designed/branded as your own. Where we start and you end is not visible to your client, with a seamless transition of resources from your servers to ours.

    All data is secure, archive compliant and the billing process is based on a simple per user per month basis.

    Integration with other applications, legacy systems or Active Directory are core capabilities that can all be provided to meet your customer requirements.


    If you are just starting out in business, the last thing you want is to invest in costly IT resources and hardware for your basic communication needs.

    XE2 offer you hosted solutions that make your business work efficiently and professionally from the outset.

    You only pay for what you use, so you can budget effectively and not worry about making provision for costly resources.

    As your business grows, you can easily add new users and new services (and take them away again - completely flexible).

    If you are already set-up on a basic system, migrating your data across to our hosted service is a well practised process and you will quickly achieve the reassurance of being supported by our team of professionals, with a fully resilient and secure communications platform.



    Sports Associations have continually fluctuating requirements. One minute they are organising a Championship match and the next a Charity Event, with different key contacts involved. Hosted solutions allows a flexibility of enabling and disabling users as required without over investing. Only pay for what you use, so if one month, a third of your contacts need BlackBerry access or hosted e-mail and then the next only the major players in the organisation require these services, you can have them enabled as required. You are then billed for the resources used.

    SharePoint with XE2, enables specific groups to stay in contact at all times, working on combined projects, collaborating ideas, planning matches/events and marketing resources. This is a real time application, and therefore ensures that resources are not duplicated and contacts can see the progression of projects on a day to day basis, knowing who is responsible for each stage. XE2 will keep you in touch with your contacts, and your contacts in touch with you. You can permission enable who has access at any time.


    Project managing either in the office or on-site, can be a nightmare at the best of times. XE2's hosted solutions enable immediate access to information, contacts and quotes on the move with hosted BlackBerry.

    SharePoint enables users to view the progression of projects and add to the decision making in real time. Quotes, designs and contracts can be viewed with ease and security.

    Hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a solution XE2 offers businesses who want to 'have the edge over' their competitors, by enabling staff to have up to date information on clients and projects. Integrated into Outlook, leads can be followed up, added to, important customer requests and requirements noted, all accessible away from the desk, by way of hosted CRM Mobile Express. Hosted CRM allows a business to build a complete picture of what works and what doesn't with regard to certain projects and specific customers, to ensure time is not wasted on repeating marketing plans that do not propogate new leads and opportunities.