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Special Applications


    From our unique position, working day to day with clients to deliver Communication Platforms and associated services, we can provide tailored software to meet real business needs.

    For large enterprises, one of the most common problems is accessing Shared Calendar on the move, via a smartphone mobile device.

    Shared Calendar

    Secure Mobile access to Shared Calendars, Delegate Calendars, Delegate Mailboxes, Shared Contacts, Public Folders, Tasks, SharePoint and other network resources from your smartphone.

    As the Enterprise Smart Phone landscape continues to change and the BYOD debate rages on, IT Managers face numerous challenges when considering which Mobile OS to deploy.

    Irrespective of your preferred platform granting secure access to network resources, enforcing policies and extending existing user permissions still remains a principle concern.

    Xe2 Mobility is the only patented solution that provides full access to Exchange, SharePoint, File Servers and Network Drives, giving you read and write access to Public and Delegate Folders, Shared Contacts, Shared Calendars, and all of the things you would access from the desktop on your BlackBerry and iOS Device.

    Xe2 Mobility’s support for multiple Operating Systems ensures you are purchasing a “future proofed” software solution.

    To learn more visit www.xe2mobility.com

    Enterprise Applications

    XE2 have developed their in-house resource to bundle Professional Services (Design, Build and Bespoke Development Consultancy) with their own expertise in developing core applications. For example, legacy archive solutions have been superceded by modern archive software and XE2 have designed and built their own migration tools and created methodologies based on established best practice to transfer data.

    Mobile Device Management

    SOTI MobiControl v10 is the only comprehensive end-to-end enterprise mobility management solution on the market that can manage mobile devices across your entire business.

    • Raises the bar for corporate-liable and BYOD mobility management
    • Innovative features such as: Web Filtering, Real Time Antivirus and Malware Protection, Telecom Expense Management, and Secure Content Library
    • Provides a superior user experience for managing enterprise content and applications for Google Android™ and Apple® iOS devices
    • Offers the strongest feature set and broadest device support of any MDM vendor
    • Remote Control & Helpdesk Tools
    • Advanced Security Management
    • Out of Contact Device Policy
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Secure Content Library
    • Telecom Expense Management
    • Mobile Email Management
    • Asset Management

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