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XE2 Mobility

    What is XE2 Mobility?

    XE2 Mobility is a software platform built by us to overcome the limitations that mobile devices experience when accessing secure network resources behind the corporate firewall. Supported by US patents, XE2 Mobility uniquely overcomes these limitations, enabling important functions like access to Shared calendar, shared contacts, and SharePoint, all the while maintaining the security so important for today’s corporations.

    XE2 Mobility is easy to use, with a downloadable application for the mobile device, and a simple set-up for the Mobility server application. We believe in responsive design, and we work with our clients to add new features to meet the needs of the increasingly mobile workforce and senior executives. XE2 Mobility is fully supported and we are there to help you get the most from this unique product.

    How does XE2 Mobility work?

    XE2 Mobility is a client/server solution consisting of three components that allow users to access resources on your corporate network:

    Client. This is installed on the Android/IOS device. It provides users with a view of your corporate environment through communication with the XE2 Mobility server. The client is downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play store (free download). The client does not work without an appropriate server licence.

    Server. This is installed into Microsoft Windows Internet Information Server (IIS). It is the ‘brains’ of the system, granting or denying access to files and folders and shared and delegated resources on your backend application servers.

    Management Console. This is installed with the server. It is the interface through which an administrator specifies who is allowed to see what, through a series of publishing rules.

    The solution is supported on Windows server 2008, Windows server 2008 R2, Windows server
    2012 and Windows server 2012 R2, and a client component currently supported on IOS, Android and BlackBerry 7 and below. The solution provides access to resources in Microsoft Exchange from version 2007 to 2013.

    The solution provides access to Shared and Delegated Calendars and contact lists in mailboxes and Public Folders as well as full mailboxes, other public folder content and Tasks. The solution currently provides access to SharePoint using the BlackBerry client 7 and below only. SharePoint on IOS and Android access to SharePoint is coming in January 2016.

    The following figure shows a typical XE2 Mobility network architecture. If you are using BES 5 or below, all traffic between the XE2 Mobility Client and Server goes through the BES server. If you are not using BES, the communication is direct to the XE2 Mobility server. The XE2 Mobility Server communicates with your backend servers such as mail servers and SharePoint servers.


    Note: All communication passes through your firewall.

    XE2 Mobility for Exchange

    XE2 Mobility provides full mobile access to everything in Microsoft Exchange. Access shared contact lists, delegate calendars, documents, alternate mailboxes, and more. XE2 Mobility brings everything in Exchange to your BlackBerry, iOS and Android smartphone.

    Features & Benefits

    • Calendars: View, create and edit shared and delegate calendars
    • Contacts: Call and email contacts from shared contact lists
    • Integrates directly with mobile email, phone and calendar
    • View and email attachments stored in contacts and meetings
    • Access multiple mailboxes and task lists
    • Honours existing permissions to ensure secure access
    • No “super user” or changes to Exchange – simple ‘out of the box’ installation
    • Supports enterprise and hosted Exchange environments

    For SharePoint and File Servers

    Current functionality only available on BlackBerry (v7) devices

    XE2 Mobility allows instant and secure access to all important documents no matter where you are. View, search, download and upload documents located back in the office directly from your mobile.

    Features & Benefits

    • Instant access to network drives like Z: X: U: and file servers
    • Real time full fidelity document viewing without downloading
    • Access large documents in seconds
    • View Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and many more
    • Email documents to colleagues and customers instantly
    • Upload and download files for editing on your mobile or laptop
    • Use existing security policies to ensure secured access
    • Simple deployment with no changes to existing environment
    • Windows, Novell, SharePoint and EDM other platforms

    View How XE2 Mobility Works

    XE2 Mobility works on mobile and tablet devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry (v7).

    Watch these short videos to see how your mobile device gives you access to shared resources when you use the XE2 Mobility application. Its simple, smart and easy to use.


    XE2 Mobility for iOS

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    XE2 Mobility for Android

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